Personal Evangelism- It’s Time to Get in the Game

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Personal evangelism is the absolute best way to reach unbelievers around you.  You have the most influence with the people who know you best. This can be good news or bad news. If your witness is weak, your testimony about Jesus will also be weak. On the other hand, if your testimony is strong, your ability to witness for Jesus to people around you will be strong.

Too many believers today think it is their Pastor’s or the church’s job to save the lost, but Jesus gave the Great Commission to everyone the same, regardless of occupation.

To best illustrate personal evangelism let me use a football analogy: Why football you may ask? Because there are 12 tribes of Israel, 1 tribe of priests, 11 tribes of warriors. (Besides I like football)

Football Game

There are people in the stands (the crowd) and people on the field (the players and coaches) together they make up the game.  

Let’s concentrate on the players and coaches. There are 11 players in the game at a time and 1 head coach. The offensive players on the field each play a unique position, some are allowed to touch the ball, some only block or protect those with the ball.

The coach’s job is not to get into the game, but to teach, train and direct those on the field. The coach is ultimately responsible for the players performance but notice, he is not in the game. One of his main responsibilities is to  assess each player’s gifts and talents and then place them in their unique position.

There is also another team on the field, the opponent, their job is to stop the offense from scoring or crossing the goal line. There is a battle on every play. The coach’s job is to watch what is happening on the field and come up with a way to score.

Now with this football picture in your mind let’s look at what is happening at church.  Many churches are trying to put their Pastor (coach) in the game while they sit in the pews (stands) and watch, scream, complain etc.  There is no way to score from the stands.  In fact, in order to score, you must be in the game.

If you have ever been to a football game one thing you first notice is all the players on the team dress alike.  This is called a uniform, and it is how the players, coaches and fans tell one team from the other.  What is the uniform of the church?  We are told to put on Christ, and here is the problem with personal evangelism, compartmentalization. 

Many believers think they are to act one way at church and another on their job, at home, etc. This is where the disconnect happens and why we believe One Drop of Blood can help the church overcome this problem.

When you put on our God given logo you are in the game, you immediately know it, your opponent knows it and the battle begins.  The last thing Satan wants is a bunch of people who were in the stands, putting on a uniform and getting in the battle for souls of men.

We have much more to share but time and space are running out. Until tomorrow, pray about where you are in this game and let us know what is working for you.

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