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Calling all Christian Youth Ministers, Pastors and Administrators

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It is a humbling experience to ask for help. Have you ever had to admit you didn’t know everything?  Well… I have a confessing to make… I don’t know much about Christian fundraisers. We want to create a fundraiser that will help youth groups and Christian organizations raise money.

This is what I am thinking… Our logo has no words or letters, it does not have a church name or message but what it does have is, incredible power to help proclaim the Good News in a non-threatening way.

Since we own the company and logo, we have no middlemen, which means, we can sell our clothes to organizations for wholesale prices. What does that have to do with your group you may ask? Let me answer that with an example.

One Drop of Blood Fundraiser Example:

Clothing Item


# Sold


Sales Price


Cost of Item


Profit for Group








Polo Shirt






Baseball Cap






Car Emblem











Did you notice the profit on the T-shirts and Polos for the selling group?   Your group will get more than our Company.  Combine that with free shipping and tracts and we believe this can be the best Christian fundraiser available, but we would like some input.

How do you select a Fundraiser

Our question; When you select a fundraiser, are you interested only in raising money, or would you like to combine your fundraising efforts with spreading the “Good News” at the same time? 

One Drop of Blood’s main goal is to empower believers to share the Gospel.  While our main goal is to spread the Good News, our secondary goal is to give back into the kingdom of God. 

Fundraising seems like a perfect fit, but if the only motivation for starting a fundraiser is to make money, selling our products would be much more difficult than let’s say… selling chocolate. 

We have started researching and developing a plan, creating a fundraising kit that includes prizes/rewards for overachievers.  We have some really exciting plans but we would like your input and suggestions before we unveil the final product. 

Again, I know very little about fundraisers, but I am willing to learn.  Your comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Who knows, maybe God will use your insight to expand His Kingdom.

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