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Ray Boltz and the Good News

Since Ray Boltz has come out-of-the-closet and is now openly homosexual, his life is now supposed to be easy and less complicated.  I hope he is not counting on a peace that surpasses all understanding to come over him.  He may feel a sense of relief because he does not have to “lie” about what he is doing, but his announcement will not bring peace.

Enough of that, I think this is an excellent time to write about what I believe the Bible teaches on Salvation.   I will use Ray Boltz in my example (since he raised his hand).  Some of you may be wondering will Ray spend eternity in Hell?  Surely homosexuality or homosexuals will never enter Heaven.

As I read the Bible, no where do I see where it classifies big sins and little sins.  Sin as a definition is missing the mark.  In archery, you have sinned if you miss the bull’s-eye.  Since I do not own an archery store, that definition does not apply.  But since the word sin is in the Bible I thought it was relevant to the discussion.  Biblical sin is missing the mark with your life.  What does God expect from your life? The answer is one word, perfection. God’s Word or the law requires everyone to be perfect. With this in mind, Romans 3:23 is easier to understand. For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.

The Bible is also clear that the wages of sin (what you earn from sinning) is death. So by sinning you will die…nice. Let take this a little deeper, the death the Bible refers to is eternal death and separation from God, eternal means forever.  If you do not live a perfect, sinless life God’s law condemns you to eternal death.

What does that have to do with Ray Boltz?  Homosexuality is not the issue, sin is the issue and all have sinned.  How can sinful man ever hope to get to Heaven?  By himself he is doomed to spend eternity in Hell but while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.

The law requires perfection. Jesus never sinned, which in itself is amazing but instead of jumping for joy and yelling, “I did it, I did it.”  Jesus took His perfect life and laid it down for sinful man.  What a Savior.

Here is the only way to Heaven, Jesus. (John 14:6) Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one gets to the Father except through Me.” So back to my beginning question, “Will Ray Boltz spend eternity in Hell?” The answer must be… it depends. Did he accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior?  That is the only question that matters.  In fact, when you die and stand before God I believe you will get one question. It will be something similar to this, “What did you do with My Son, Jesus?” If you have confessed Jesus as your Lord with your mouth and believe in your heart that God raised Christ from the dead, you shall be saved. 

This one question will determine which line you then stand in, The Judgment Seat of Christ, or the Great White Throne Judgment. (Just a hint, you want to be in the Judgment Seat of Christ line.) All your other “deeds” will be exposed after your final Judgment is determined. This is where, if you are a Christian and practice homosexuality, lying, stealing etc. any sin, you will answer for it. 

So one more time, the Good News, Salvation, Eternal Life, is available for everyone who confesses with their month the Lord Jesus and believes in their heart that God raised Christ from the dead. Everyone who does that shall be saved.  If Ray Boltz confessed Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior the Bible says he is born again and a new creature.

I am not trying to make light of a very serious sin but this sin or any sin for that matter will not send you to Hell. Denying Jesus Christ, God’s only Son is the only sure fire (sorry about that) ticket to Hell.


Ray Boltz brings me out of my cave

When does someone start blogging?  For me, I have talked about starting for 3 months.    The news about Ray Boltz has taken me from talking about blogging, to this entry. 

Ray Boltz has chosen to live the homosexual lifestyle…wow.  From someone that has listened to and still enjoys this man’s music, the announcement took me by surprise.  In fact my first thoughts were not about Ray but about me.  “How self-centered!”, you may be thinking, but let me explain.

The idea for my Christian clothing line came while listening to Ray’s song titled “One Drop of Blood”.  In fact, that is the name of my company.  My first thought was, “Oh no, this can’t be good!”  I quickly got over myself and started praying for Ray Boltz, his family, friends and his fans. 

Remember this important point about sin… “All have sinned.”  Jesus died once, for the sin (Past, Present and Future) of the whole world.  Ray Boltz’s choice will cost him dearly in this lifetime, but I believe we (as The Church) need to pray for Ray and ask God to grant him repentance. 

I have been taught, sin takes you farther than you wanted to go, costs you more than you wanted to pay and keeps you longer than you intended to stay.  Satan is very good at what he does, i.e. “Steal, Kill and Destroy”. He (Satan) walks around like a roaring lion looking for whom he might destroy.  I would say the Devil has his crosshairs squarely on Ray Boltz and his family. 

What should the Church’s response be? If it were up to me, I would condemn the sin (homosexuality) but not the man.  Remember, you who have never sinned can cast the first stone in destroying this man’s life.  If Ray were reading this I would encourage him to read God’s Word every day,  pray to Jesus every day and ask God for help.

Ray Boltz or anyone caught in sin for that matter will not be released from Satan’s trap without the help of the Holy Spirit.  Here is the deal; someone in the body of Christ has fallen down.  What will be our reaction?  Should we take our Sword (The Word of God) and stab Ray to death while he is down or should we pray for him and anyone else caught in this trap? 

I will continue to pray.